RivereensThe Rivereens are Henry White, harmonica and vocals; Candace English, violin; Tracy Grisman, bass and vocals; and Steve Della Maggiora, guitar, accordion and vocals.

Henry and Tracy formed the Rivereens in the summer of 2008 to play artists’ receptions at the Riverfront Art Gallery, where they were both members. They were joined later by Steve Della Maggiora on guitar, vocals and sometimes accordion.  Candace English joined in 2012.

The group combines its wide range of musical tastes in a very satisfying if eclectic repertoire. Playing tunes from Thelonius Monk to Irving Berlin, Robert Johnson to Django Reinhardt, Bill Monroe to Jimmy Rogers, they’ll keep your foot tappin’! With Henry’s down and dirty harp and raw vocals, Tracy’s steady rip and grip on the upright, and especially Steve with his amazing range and dexterity.  Candace adds the sweet soul of violin.

Enjoy the following examples of the Rivereens’ Music:

Out of Nowhere is written by Cole Porter and Douce Ambiance is written by Django Reinhardt

Three of the musicians are coincidentally visual artists, painters in fact (they’re also known in some circles as the Syncopainters). Besides his studio painting and caricature drawing, Steve is an accomplished muralist. He’s the creator of the renowned Petaluma history mural at the corner of Petaluma Boulevard and East Washington Street. Henry White paints beautiful landscapes, enigmatic still lifes and any other subject that strikes his fancy. Tracy Grisman specializes in painting portraits. She pays homage to the heroes of old timey jazz, country and blues, but she also paints lively renderings of her contemporaries, many of whom are also musicians.  Candace English is a violin stylist at home in several styles.  She has been a classical singer, composer, choir director and is the creator of 7 plays and musicals for children.

Henry: www.henrywhiteart.com
Tracy: www.oldtimeyart.com
Steve: www.svn.net/artguy
Candace:  www.musicintheblood.com   http://www.tinytownpark.com

The Rivereens play regularly at Lagunitas Brewery in Petaluma, and they can be heard around the Bay at events, markets and benefits.